Sri Ram International School has a rich and qualified faculty. Our teachers are

  • Well qualified
  • Technology savvy
  • Innovative
  • Creative
  • Hardworking
  • Committed

In their teaching process, they do not forget that good teachers are learners forever. They keep themselves abreast with the latest, by teacher training programme, regular guidance etc. They acknowledge different learning abilities, needs of student and try to optimize their learning by addressing individual requirements.

Besides qualification our teachers have a passion for teaching, love for children, good communication skills and committed towards their work. They always remember:-
“When educating the minds of our youth we must not forget to educate their hearts. So, that they can become responsible citizens.”

Faculty Details

S.No. Teacher's Name Designation & Teaching Subject Qualification
1 Jyoti Kohli Administrator B.Com, MBA
2 Sunita Sharma Vice Principal M.Com, B.Ed
3 Urmila PGT (History) M.Ed, PhD
4 Yogeshwar PGT (Physical Education) M.A, MPED
5 Kamlesh PGT (Mathematics) M.Sc, B.Ed
6 Kuldeep Kumar Tyagi PGT (Hindi) M.A, B.Ed, M.Ed
7 Swati Dahiya PGT (English) MA, M.Phil
8 Satish Kumar Paswan PGT (Political Science) M.A, B.Ed
9 Jatin Sharma PGT (Economics) M.Com, B.Ed
10 Nisha PGT (Business Studies) B.A, B.Ed
11 Ruby TGT (Social Science) M.A, B.Ed
12 Bhawana TGT (Hindi) M.A, B.Ed
13 Miti Sharma TGT (Science) M.Sc, B.Ed
14 Navita Ahlawat TGT(Science) B.Sc, B.Ed
15 Rupangi TGT (English) M.A, B.Ed
16 Shweta TGT (Social Science) B.A, B.ED
17 Narender TGT (Sanskrit) M.A, B.Ed
18 Seema Sudan TGT (Mathematics) M.Com, B.Ed
19 Priyanka Bhat TGT (English) B.A, B.Ed
20 Parmatma Nand Singh TGT (Mathematics) B.Ed
21 Deepa Sharma TGT (English) M.A, B.Ed
22 Asha TGT (Social Science) M.A, B.Ed, M.Ed
23 - - -
24 Mukesh Kumar TGT (Computer) MCA, LLB
25 Vinod Kumar TGT (Computer) BCA, MCA
26 Kavita TGT (Science) B.Sc, B.Ed
27 Laxmi TGT (Hindi) M.A, B.Ed
28 Suman Yadav TGT (Science) B.Ed
29 Sharmila TGT (Hindi) B.Ed
30 Mona Sharma TGT (Mathematics) B.Ed
31 Darshna TGT (Sanskrit) M.A, B.Ed
32 Meenakshi TGT (Social Science) B.A, B.Ed
33 Jyoti Arora PRT B.Ed
34 Reena PRT JBT
35 Sunita PRT B.Ed
36 Richa Chhibber PRT M.Com, JBT
37 Jyoti Singh PRT M.A, B.Ed
38 Bhawna Srivastav PRT M.A, B.Ed
39 Monika PRT B.A, JBT
40 Kiran PRT JBT
41 Meenakshi Sharma PRT D.Ed
42 Neelam Dahiya PRT JBT
43 Omvati PRT JBT
44 Rakesh Kumari PRT B.Ed
45 Deepa Kumari Sharma PRT M.A, B.Ed
46 Geetesh Sharma PRT B.Ed
47 Suman Dahiya PRT M.A, JBT
48 Ritu PRT M.A, B.Ed
49 Rachna PRT B.A, B.Ed
50 Bharti Sharma PRT JBT
51 Saroj Sharma PRT B.Ed
52 Vaijanti Singh PRT B.Ed
53 Renu PRT B.A, B.Ed
54 Harpreet Kaur PRT B.A, B.Ed
55 Uma PRT B.Ed
56 Neha Kaushik PRT B.Com, B.Ed
57 - - -
58 Divya Vashisth PRT M.A, B.Ed
59 Ankita Mathur PRT (Computer) JBT, M.A
60 Anju Sharma NTT NTT, JBT
61 Rekha Kapoor NTT NTT
62 Sunita Joon NTT NTT
63 Sushma Rani NTT NTT
64 Monika PRT M.A, B.Ed
65 Neeta NTT B.A, NTT
66 Poonam NTT NTT
67 Tanya Athwal NTT BA, NTT
68 Monika Librarian M.Lib, B.Ed
69 Bharat TGT (Music) B.A, Vocal in Music
70 Renu Sangwan TGT (Yoga) M.A, B.Ed
71 Babita PET MPED
72 Gauri Jangra Special Educator D.Ed
73 Navneet Kaur Art Teacher BFA Painting
74 Monika Kumari Special Educator JBT
75 Muskan Yadav Wellness Teacher ANM
76 Vivek Sharma Front Office B.A, D.Ed, MBA
77 Harsh Chander Pandey Clerk BCA
78 Rashmi Pandey Clerk B.A