School Safety Committee

School Safety Committee:- Member's Name Designation
1 Ms. Jyoti Kohli Administrator
2 Ms. Sunita Sharma Sr. Wing Coordinator
3 Ms. Jyoti Arora Primary Wing Coordinator
4 Ms. Satvinder Khanna Pre-Primary Wing Coordinator
5 Mr. Yogeshwar P.E.T
6 Ms. Seema Sudan P.R.T
7 Ms. Babita P.E.T
8 Ms. Suman Yadav T.G.T
9 Ms. Miti T.G.T


  • The members will do regular safety walks in and around the school to sec vulnerable points in respect to safety and administration administrative officer will give reports to the management.
  • Attending all safety and health meetings.
  • Revising all accidents and near misses.
  • Recommending ideas for improving safety and health.

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